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October 17, 20123

My daughter has been interested in fly fishing since she was a toddler.  Fly fishing is a big sport in Central Oregon and we were surrounded by avid fishermen and women who loved their sport and were keen to share their passion with others.  The retail store, Orvis, even had an outdoor casting course downtown.  Our neighbor welcomed her into his ‘office’ on a few occasions so she could ask questions and admire his amazing collection of flies.  He even took us out for a lesson one afternoon for our first lesson in casting, Fly Fishing ~ A Future Hobby.

Since then she has occasionally talked about getting her own fly pole (though they didn’t make a weight light enough for her until now – she has grown, after all), taking fly fishing lessons, and even getting a fly tying kit with which to tie her own flies.  We never knew how serious she was until recently – after all, my husband and I aren’t fly fishermen.  Then again, we were not archers either until Buddy took up the sport.

Shortly after we moved to Northern California, a nearby children’s museum featured an exhibit on fly fishing that provided us a greater understanding of the art, science, and history of fly fishing.  Her interest was peeked even more and she asked for a fly tying kit for her birthday.

Serendipitously, at this same time, I stumbled upon an advertisement in a local publication of an upcoming fly tying class for youth.  Perfect!  We thereby informed her that we would buy her a kit upon completion of the course.  In this way, we could also make an informed decision about what type of vise and other tools to purchase.

She has been looking forward to this class for a couple of months now.  To make it even more exciting for her – a new friend we met this summer is joining her for the six-week course. Finding her passions is great – sharing that passion with a friend is priceless.

Over the next few months, she will be featured as a guest blogger to share what she has learned in fly tying class. I encourage you to follow along – I know she’d love to hear from you.

Week Two – Caddis Fly

Week Three – Zebra Midge

Week Four – Lures

Week Five – Pheasant Tail Fly

Week Six – Copper John

September 25, 2008

Without any advance planning or intentions on my part, I came across several books by Jim Arnosky that were set up on display at our library. It was a light-bulb moment and I immediately thought to myself, wouldn’t it be fun to read numerous books by the same author? Jim Arnosky is perhaps my favorite children’s book author ~ so he is the perfect author with which to begin.
The kids enjoyed his writing style and were even more impressed that he did all the illustrations as well. The titles we read were: Crinkleroot’s Guide to Animal Habitats, Crinkleroot’s Guide to Knowing the Trees, Following the Coast, Drawing from Nature and Freshwater Fish & Fishing.

Sweetie, was particularly interested in Freshwater Fish & Fishing due to her recent fly fishing experiences. We were also inspired by a recent post by Serendipity to print our own Crinkleroot friend to join us on our nature outings.

For more information about Arnosky, visit his website Jim Arnosky’s Nature Journal. You’ll find coloring sheets, fact sheets, video links, drawing lessons and Crinkleroot!

June 15, 20084

The kiddos and I met a number of other community members down at our neighborhood park for the annual Let’s Pull Together county-wide service project. Before our arrival, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the kids – wasn’t sure they would be too fond of the project.

We spent about 10 minutes becoming familiar with some of the common non-native invasive weeds that are common in our area. The area coordinator was concerned we would have difficulty identifying them because they were not yet in bloom. Fortunately, a gentlemen who works for the Soil and Water Conservation District was there and he helped us get underway.You can see him (center) with the kiddos pictured above. The kids took a liking to him and started following him about as we all worked to pull the weeds. They got really good at identifying the two most common weeds in our community, Cheat Grass and Dalmation Toadflax. When we go on our family walks in the evening, they point it out and frequently insist that they pull it.
After nearly 2 hours of weed pulling, Buddy said, “I’m tired now. I want to go home.” Sweetie would have loved to continue but I needed a break myself. We cleaned up and then joined other weed pullers at the park downtown for a BBQ. It was a great afternoon. The kids and I enjoyed learning more about invasive species – investigating a men’s tennis shoe that had been placed into Lake Mead and was completely covered with Zebra Mussels within 30 days.

We also observed a couple of men from one of the project sponsors giving fly-fishing demonstrations. I was impressed when Sweetie took it upon herself to request an opportunity to give it a go. The young man helped her get the hang of touching the fly onto the water surface and lifting it up quickly to entice the fish. She did very well and must have worked on her rhythm for 20 minutes. She’s been asking about going fishing ever since! 😀