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Hello! Welcome to Well Traveled Family, a subsection of my little corner of the web where we share with you the highlights of our excursions and travel tips we have learned along the way.

I’m Eva Varga. I am a science educator, writer, and homeschool mom passionate about family life, traveling, & staying active. This is who I have been for the better part of my life.

Previously, I was a Oregon girl growing up in a small town on the coast. I met Patrick in the summer of 1988 at Safeway where he and I were both employed. Upon graduating from college, we married and settled in the same town where we had initially met and both began our professional careers.

Over the years, we enjoyed traveling on occasion – first as a couple and later as a family – though we predominately stayed within the United States. It wasn’t until 2011 that we took a leap of faith and traveled aboard for the first time as a family.

Our Well Traveled Family @EvaVarga.netPatrick will admit he had always had cold feet. After our fourth visit to Hawai’i, I finally had to draw the line. “I will not return to Hawai’i until we’ve traveled abroad.” He conceded and we booked flights to Scandinavia.

We have been hooked on global travel ever since and have thereafter traveled throughout the United States as well as to China, Ecuador, and Peru. This fall, we will be returning to Europe to visit Italy and Greece.

One of the reasons I created this page was to use as a travelogue of our trips so our kids will have something to look back on beyond the pictures and souvenirs for memories.  This is also about our experiences and lessons we’ve learned along the way and doing so on a budget (most of the time).  Traveling with kids is quite a bit more challenging and expensive.  We hope that our adventures can help other families and fellow travelers save time, money and sanity along the way.

This page is a work in progress with posts about past and current trips. Whether it’s exploring our Northern California neighborhoods or a National Park, or a vacation to a foreign country, we hope you can share these trips with us.  Safe and happy travels!

ContributorsEva @EvaVarga.net

  • First trip abroad: Guanajuato, Mexico – 1993
  • Places most excited to visit: Norway & the Galápagos
  • Fondest memory: Watching the Syttende Mai parade in Bergen with her Norwegian relatives
  • Favorite foods: Smørrebrod, Phö
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  • First trip abroad: Yucatan, Mexico – 1995
  • Places most excited to visit: China & Egypt
  • Fondest memory: Walking on the Great Wall of China
  • Favorite foods: Southern-style BBQ Ribs and Shrimp
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Geneva @EvaVarga.net

  • First trip abroad: Scandinavia 2011
  • Places most excited to visit: China, Japan, & the British Isles
  • Fondest memory: Eating heirloom tomatoes in Yangshuo, China
  • Favorite foods: Ceviche
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  • First trip abroad: Scandinavia 2011
  • Places most excited to visit: London
  • Fondest memory: Swimming with dolphins and sea lions in the Galápagos
  • Favorite foods: He loves to cook steak!
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  • Marty Mykytiuk

    February 6, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    I’m a retired ESL teacher traveling with my grandchildren and their parents who live in Thailand. We also homeschool. I am excited to find your blog. We are currently on an island south of Thailand. Maile, my 13 year old granddaughter is junior certified in SCUBA and taking a refresher course for a dive near Koh Tao.


    • Eva Varga

      February 12, 2016 at 1:54 pm

      It is so nice to meet you, Marty. I would love to see Thailand someday. How wonderful that you get to travel with your extended family. 🙂


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