Our Scandinavian Heritage

our heritageHeritage.  What does that word mean to you?  Defined, heritage refers to something inherited from the past. The word has several different connotations, including natural, cultural, inheritance, heredity, birthright, and kinship. To us, heritage is our ancestral culture.  Our connection to our ancestors and our past.  Our family tree.  The traditions that are passed down with each generation.  The language of our great grandparents and our distant relatives today.

I feel very strongly that a comprehensive world view is important in today’s society.  However, I also feel that a connection to our past and an awareness of our own cultural identity is vital. Within this category, I share with you our endeavors to stay connected to our Scandinavian culture.  Activities and traditions in which we take part.  Service learning and fraternal opportunities within our lodge. I hope that by sharing our approach to cultural heritage, you will be inspired to get involved yourselves.

Cultural Experiences

Art & Handcrafts

History & Biographies


Language Lessons




7 comments on “Our Scandinavian Heritage

  1. Thank you for sharing the links. My husband is Norwegian as well as German and Italian. We try to keep all our cultures and alive in our household especially considering we grew up without them.

    • You are very welcome. Do you belong to a Sons of Norway lodge? We have found it to be very rewarding and educational. 🙂

  2. Can’t waite to look at your links. Your children look Scandinavian like mine. We don’t seem to have many Scandinavians in Southern California.

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