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June 24, 20092

As summer has arrived, we finished the term with Charlotte Mason style exams for the first time. I recorded her answers which was a lot of fun for her and for me. All of her answers were narrated and she worked all but two math problems mentally (#5 and #6). Here are the questions I asked… here responses are shown in green.

1. How many dimes are in $1.00? Ten
2. How many quarters are in $0.50? Two
3. How many nickels are in $0.20? Four
4. I give you five boxes. Each box has two cookies in it. How many cookies did I give you? Ten
5. Sally bought 356 peanuts on Monday and 167 peanuts on Tuesday. How many peanuts did she buy altogether? 523
6. There were 700 children at a park playing. 468 of them were boys. How many of them were girls? 232
7. What is 4 x 3 ? 12

8. What is 5 x 6 ? 30

Poetry/Memory Work:

Much to my chagrin, we didn’t do much memory work this year. DD did learn one verse from a Mandarin song, which she recited perfectly.

1. Which was your favorite read aloud book from this year? (Farmer Boy, The Egypt Game, Bat 6, The Klipfish Code, Meet Kirsten, Kirsten Learns a Lesson, Kirsten’s Surprise, The Phantom Tollbooth, Tales from the Odyssey, Up Close: Jane Goodall) Why?

My favorite read aloud book was The Klipfish Code and The Egypt Game. I liked The Klipfish Code because it was in Norway and we’re are Sons of Norway lodge members. I learned that if you didn’t follow the rules of the Nazis you would get taken away. I liked The Egypt Game because we learned about Egypt and the kids in the book had a secret game.

2. Can you retell a part of your favorite read aloud?

First it was just two girls and one little brother and then they asked two boys to join them. One of the boys didn’t really like it but the other boy did. They played The Egypt Gametogether, all 5 of them. The little boy had a toy octopus and he lost it there. They looked everywhere and they finally found it.

The game involved a bird bath and a sculpture that they found. They put it on top of the bird bath and it was the queen. They checked out books from the library and learned more about Egypt and started using Egyptian hieroglyphic for words.

1. Write in your best handwriting…
“Good morning, Jimmy,” she greeted him. “My, we all looked spruced up.”

History / Geography:
1. Tell me what you remember about Cyrus the Great OR King Nebuchadnezzar OR Alexander the Great OR Sargon.

Alexander the Great was the ruler of Greece, Egypt and the lands all the way to India. He was only twenty-two when he conquered all of that. He wanted to go even farther and conquer India but his knights didn’t want to. He realized this and changed his mind and he stayed with the stuff he already had.

2. Describe how they built the Great Wall OR the pyramids OR .

The pyramids were built with big blocks. They made the blocks by hand. First they made mud and sculpted it like a block and let it dry in the sun. They then set the blocks on top of another block to make the pyramids. It took lots and lots of soldiers to carry the blocks because they were so big. It took a log time.

3. Show me Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, Greece and Norway on the map. [Perfect accuracy.]

1. Tell me something you have learned about the earth.

The earth’s outer most layer is called the crust. Then the mantle or magma. Then it’s even hotter in the outer core. Then the inner core is even hotter, it is so hot and with all the pressure it is very solid. Solid.

There are different kinds of rocks; sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. Igneous rocks come from out of lava. If it cools very slowly, it can form crystals. If it cools fastly, there are no crystals at all. Just very tiny. Not so big ones. Sedimentary is formed by shells and dirt and dead animals. Sometimes they form fossils and sometimes they get to be rocks. This happens by lots of pressure and many years. Heat and pressure make metamorphic rocks by changing other rocks.

Volcanoes erupt when lots of magma comes up through a hole and oozes out, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. And they can make lava tubes and cinder buttes. The closest to us is Pilot Butte, Awbrey Butte, and Lava Butte.

If an earthquake happens, hide in door entrances or under tables.

2. Tell me about your favorite animal.

Cheetahs and Dolphins and my most favorite animal is Penguins. Penguins live in Antarctica. It is very cold there. They get to see the Aurora Australis. They are yellow on their necks and a little orange. Their flippers and back are black. Their bellies are white. Their beaks are orange. They do not fly, they swim. They are a birds. They have a backbone. Penguins eat fish. They swim together in big groups. When they have babies, the mommy lays an egg. The egg goes to the daddy while the mommy collects food.

Music & Art Appreciation:
1. Which composer did you like the best [Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel]? Which piece was your favorite?

My most favorite composer that we learned about was Handel. My favorite piece was Royal Fireworks Music because the lyrics were funny when King George’s pants caught on fire.

2. Which artist did you like best? Which was your favorite piece and why?

My favorite artist was Degas. My favorite piece was The Little Dancer because I was taking dance class when we learned about him. [We actually studied Degas during her Kindergarten year… ]

[Another area that I didn’t get to as much as I had hoped. We read only two as retold by E. Nesbit; MacBeth and A Winter’s Tale.] Which Shakespeare play was your favorite?

The Winter’s Tale because it had a bear in it and most of Shakespeare’s plays don’t have a bear.


  • Alycia in Va.

    June 27, 2009 at 1:16 am

    looks like she’s doing great. I love the full complete sentences. Quick question- are you using the home instructors guide for Singapore? We’re about to start 2b next week and sometimes I wonder if I’m teaching things correctly ( I don’t have the IG).

  • Pebblekeeper

    July 5, 2009 at 3:02 pm

    What a great year end review for Sweetie. As the boys have gotten older we have not done that as much, I think I’m inspired to go through my teacher’s book and have some couch time with them. I have huge notebooks from K-3 of review. 🙂 I’m glad to see that your family has enjoyed learning this way. Alycia – I would say yes to at least borrowing the teacher’s guide. In K-3 I put too much into the worksheets and the teacher’s guide helped me to scale back and let discovery happen more than exact scientific math. 🙂 We did Miquon but I would assume all math programs start with alot of discovery. 😉

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