What Are Your Summer Plans? - Eva Varga

July 17, 2010

We school year round so our schedule doesn’t change too dramatically in the summer months.  Mandarin, Piano and Taekwondo lessons continue as usual.  Summer simply brings more opportunity for co-ops and leisure days outdoors (at the pool or the lake). 

 This summer, however, brings a big change to our Roots & Shoots group.  Over the past school year, the original members – all of whom attend public school – have been participating less frequently despite my attempts to be more accommodating to their schedule.  As the year progressed, I began to realize that I had fewer commonalities to share with them.  My kiddos didn’t really know or connect with theirs. 

I had also been wanting to do more nature study with the kiddos and I could see there was a need in our homeschool community.  We’ve thereby begun to venture out on a nature study on a weekly basis, rather than monthly, and we will continue to do so through the upcoming school year.

On another note, my neighbor is a retired teacher and this summer she’ll be watching her two granddaughters while their mother is at work.  While the girls typically attend public school, Grandma “homeschools” them when they are with her.  For this reason, we are team-teaching a geography unit,  Explore Our World: Africa. While doing so, I will be creating a Squidoo lens so that others who wish to do something similar will have an idea of where to begin.

Last week, we were immersed in a variety of activities as part of the Scandinavian Heritage Camp. The theme this year is Trolls so it is a humorously gruesome week.  You can click on this link to learn about some of our troll activities, Trolls.  In late August, we will bid summer adieu with our 3rd annual Summer Art Camp.  I will be certain to share more with you as the summer progresses.
So what are your plans?  Do you spend more time exploring our natural areas?  Do your kids take part in camps through Parks and Rec ? 

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