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February 18, 20111

On a whim, we organized an impromptu Valentine’s Day party this week.  We spread the word and encouraged guests to bring a treat to share.  MeiLi and Buddy crafted heart garlands for each family.  I neglected to take a photo of their work, but was able to find a similar image online.

A girlfriend brought over a bunch of crafts she picked up on clearance (we planned our party for Thr – and thereby all the Valentine’s were marked down at the stores).  When the guests arrived, all the girls went to the craft table and occupied themselves with their creativity.  It was such a delight to listen to the girls giggle and sing together.

The boys, on the other hand, gathered in Buddy’s room where they spent much of their time building with Legos.  Buddy and his best friend collaborated to build a delightful house, “We did it from scratch, Mom!  No instructions!” 

Delightfully, a couple weeks ago, we were introduced to a homeschool family with two children of similar ages of my own.  The kiddos clicked immediately and I, too, made a connection with their dad.  How exciting is it that it is the father that stays at home and does the majority of the instruction?  It is a delight to share in his experiences as he brings an entirely different perspective to our homeschool gatherings.

Buddy recently received a new bow and a dozen new arrows for his birthday (albeit early).  He has been showing it to all his friends so of course, they wanted to take it outside for target practice.  It was so nice to have a dad here to help the boys learn the finer points of archery.  I’m still learning myself, so I wasn’t able to give them as many tips. 

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  • Denise

    February 18, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    Just read and looked through several of your posts- LOVE those photos and projects! Looks like so much fun! Your kids are adorable!

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