The Day the Babies Crawled Away ~ Book Sharing Monday

This past week, the kids have been enthralled with a book from our own library. They’ve asked me to read it several times and have nearly memorized the words. It is so cute to watch them read it to themselves. Buddy says, “I’m a reader!”

The Day the Babies Crawled Away is written and illustrated by Caldecott Medal Winner Peggy Rathmann. The silhouetted illustrations complement the adventures of a group of babies that chase after butterflies and search for frogs as they crawl away from where their families are picnicking. Our hero notices, though, and follows the babies through a series of adventures and misadventures in order to save the day. The book is a heroic quest, complete with a descent and triumphant return, all set to a delightful sing-song rhyme. It truly is a beautiful book.

This past winter, our skies have been gloomy and cloudy. We’ve had an inversion, or fog that has settled on the east side of the Cascades and had several days of hoar frost. It has been quite unusual – in winters past, we’ve enjoyed beautiful blue skies throughout the season.

Tonight the kiddos exclaimed, “Mom! Look at the moon!” It was very bright. The houses across the street were a black silhouette. The sky just above was purplish, blue with hints of pink. It was beautiful. “It reminds me of the book we read this week,” I said. In unison, the kids replied, “The Day the Babies Crawled Away!

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