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July 5, 2015

Build Your Homeschool Library @EvaVarga.netAs the kids jump in the pool and you have your feet kicked up with an ice cold glass of lemonade in your hand, your mind likely wanders to the upcoming school year. You are likely asking yourself, What curriculum do I need? What living books should I invest in to complement our unit studies?

I know I am! My daughter will be entering 8th grade, my son 6th, and I want to assure that they are challenged as well as provided with ample time to pursue their interests.

Summer is often the time educators plan out the next school year and begin to build (or build upon) our classroom or homeschool library. We reach out to seasoned homeschoolers to inquire about what worked for them. We scour the online sales of our favorite curriculum vendors. It can get a little overwhelming however – especially if you are just getting started.

You can find a lot of helpful reviews and suggestions across the web. A few posts that compile the wisdom of experienced homeschool moms include Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices and Our Favorite Children’s Books (by age or grade).

I love non-fiction books and my home library is overflowing with Living Books for Science Education.

Build Your Homeschool Library: Book Sale @EvaVarga.netMy Used Curriculum Sale

With our upcoming move, I have purged our shelves and would love to offer these books to you for minimal cost. Consider it a Homeschool Used Curriculum Sale from the comfort of your home

I’ve photographed all the books I have available for sale and have uploaded the images to the album, Eva’s Books Sale, at Flickr. Take a few minutes to browse – perhaps you’ll find a title or two of interest. Prices and conditions are noted in the item description. In addition to the cost of each title, I do charge for shipping (media rate). Just let me know which title(s) you are interested in purchasing. Shipping is $3.00 for 1-2 items in the same envelope and $6.00 for a box of three or more items.

Most everything has sold. The few that remained have been donated as we are moving and I needed to downsize.

I’m not the only one selling used curriculum. The bloggers at iHomeschool Network are collaborating this week to provide you with used curriculum for all ages. Hop over to see what else may be available. If you have curriculum you’d like to share – link up!

Build Your Homeschool Library: Book Sale @EvaVarga.netMy Favorite Places for Books

There are many online resources and vendors to help you build your homeschool library without breaking the piggy bank. I have summarized below just a few of the ones of which I am the most familiar.

Paperback Swap – I have been taking part in this online book exchange for longer than I have been homeschooling. It’s super easy -simply list the books you’d like to swap and browse the titles available. When a book is requested, mail it to the club member. The books you receive come to you postage-paid. You pay for postage for the books you send out.

Amazon – I’m sure you are already familiar with Amazon. I always go to Amazon to check the price on a book. Often, I am able to find a used copy for significantly less.

Heritage History – I love this company because they take all of the classical children’s historical books and they offer them on CDs with amazingly useful study guides, maps, and timelines. All of the books in their collections are G-rated and were written before 1923, during an era when virtually all children’s books were respectful of Christianity.

Library and Educational Services – I’ve only recently discovered this company – it is a true hidden gem. Their prices are unbelievable. You won’t regret signing up for their newsletter. A wholesale distributor, they sell to libraries, schools (including homeschools), and more.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op – you have probably heard of this, but just in case…this company is exactly what the name implies, it is a buyer’s co-op. If a certain number of buyers agree to purchase a product through the co-op, the publisher will greatly discount the price. We have purchased products like Mapping the World by Heart at 30% off, Cover Story at 30% off, and ??? at up to 40% off.

Networks and Facebook groups – two of my favorites are: Homeschool Swap USA/Canada and Homeschool Buy Sell Trade. It is a really fast and easy way to purchase used books. Plus, through browsing, you often come across books that you never knew you needed.