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June 16, 2015

I was recently sitting on the pool deck one afternoon waiting for our kids to finish swim practice. As summer was still just a few weeks away, a few moms and I got to talking about activities to keep the kids engaged through the hot summer.

One mom suggested a subscription kit. “Yeah, but there are so many available today,” one mom replied. “How does one choose?”

I was delighted to share with them my experience with Junior Explorers. When choosing a subscription box – either as a gift or as a curriculum enrichment – my suggestion is to keep the interest and passion of the recipient in mind.

While my son is in the target age, a child passionate about animals would be the ideal recipient for Junior Explorers. I knew the perfect little zoologist – my friend, Liam, who was recently promoted to first grade! I was delighted to be able to assign him his first mission, Mission Amazon.

I received the Junior Explorers mission kit in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are true and completely our own. Please see my disclosure policy for more information. This post contains affiliate links.

Explore the World with Junior Explorers @EvaVarga.netLike many children, Liam loves animals and while waiting for his big brother at swim team, he will often role-play what he has learned in school or in the books he has brought along with him.

Junior Explorers helps foster that love to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. Junior Explorers is a subscription program for kids 6-11 that teaches them all about wildlife and nature through exciting adventures that are sent home each month. Every month kids receive a kit in the mail sending them to a new ecosystem to solve a mystery in nature.

Each monthly mission focuses on a new ecosystem with real facts about wildlife and the environmental threats today. This can be a hard conversation to have with kids, but Junior Explorers introduces the topics in an easy-to-understand and solution oriented way.

The monthly kit contains cool collectibles like figurines, animal trading cards, temporary tattoos, stickers, and more. Every kit also includes a secret code to access a wealth of activities, games, and additional learning materials.

Liam loved the animal trading cards with facts about the featured animals best. “Did you know there are frogs that sweat poison?!” he exclaimed. I didn’t get a chance to elicit more details, he hopped off in delightful imaginary play.

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At the end of every mission, kids see a handful of not-for-profit projects doing front-line conservation in the ecosystem they just visited. Kids select their favorite real-world project and watch as their earned points are converted into a real dollar donation.

Junior Explorers is a certified B-Corporation and while this may not mean anything to Liam, us moms can smile knowing that the company has met rigorous standards and been designated as a company that is doing good for the world.

Shipping is only $2 per month to send your child on wild adventures with Junior Explorers subscription boxes! Join Now!