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October 18, 20114
Over the past few weeks, we have been observing a large variety of spiders and their respective webs on our nature outings.  As the webs are relatively complex, the kids haven’t yet felt comfortable truly sketching them in their journals.  I thereby present a photo essay of some of our favorites.  
Sheet Web ?

Funnel Web (observed in 2009)

Unknown Spider … no web nearby

Black & Yellow Garden Spider on Orb Web

Tunnel web next to a very interesting fungus 
My kiddos said, “Mom, when are we going to do a fungus challenge?  Barb?

It doesn’t show in the picture, but there was web within the circle

Garden spiders observed cooperatively building a web … or so we presume.

An orb web captured on paper in hopes of observing more details and integrating into our math curriculum.