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August 21, 20143

In the 1930’s, as part of the New Deal efforts to put artists to work, our government commissioned posters to showcase the country’s most stunning natural features under the banner, See America. These iconic images put thousands of artists to work, helped link our natural landscape with our American identity, and live on nearly 100 years later as celebrated works of art.

see america

See America

Artists & designers from all 50 states are now reviving the legacy by creating a new collection of See America posters celebrating our shared natural landmarks and treasured sites.

Inspired, I challenged the kids to create a See America poster of their own upon our return from Florida this past April. While it took some time to see this project through to completion, I am impressed with the final products.

My daughter created her “Mangroves n’ Manatees” poster with water colors. My son’s preference was colored pencil, choosing to title his “The Everglades“.


Everglades   Mangroves

The kids enjoyed the project so much that I am confidant they’ll want to do it again. Hopefully, we’ll finish in a more timely manner.

We happened to visit the Everglades but you certainly do not have to. You can incorporate the See America posters into any regional geography unit.

Ask students to research the flora and fauna of a natural area.  Alternatively, encourage students to research the historical significance of an area and highlight physical features prominently in their posters. You may also wish to assign a written report or ask students to give a formal presentation.

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My family is learning more about geography than ever before and the materials make my job as their teacher so easy! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.