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February 29, 20122

The nature study we selected this week was Quartz.  Prior to undertaking the readings suggested by Barb, my little guy helped me to gather up all of our Quartz specimens or rock samples.  As he helped, he hinted that he would like a piece of Rose Quartz for his own budding collection. I was happy to oblige him.

Our quartz specimens

I read aloud from the Handbook of Nature Study while the kids made careful observations of the samples on hand. They even tested Quartz’ ability to cut glass and they were intrigued to learn that glass is in fact made of sand .. which is composed primarily of Quartz.  We were also surprised to learn that Amethyst is in fact a type of Quartz. As I read this, Buddy jumped up to retrieve his sample from his collection.  He brought back two samples … one distinctively Amethyst and another very similar only amber in color.  “Is this Quartz too?” he asked.  “I’m sure it is,” was my reply. “But to be honest, I need to do a little research myself.”

Investigating and sketching  

I encouraged the kiddos to sketch a sample or two in their journals. Not surprisingly, frustrations quickly emerged. I couldn’t help but empathize with them … I, too, feel rocks are difficult to draw. Nonetheless, everyone recorded something.

Our completed journal entries
So why are there four journals this time?  We were delighted to share this lesson with a friend of ours … she had joined us this day while her mom did her civic duty at jury selection.