Oregon Dunes Archives - Eva Varga

April 8, 2011

A few months ago, our Geography Terms Tour term was Dunes.  Having grown up on the Oregon Coast, it was assured that our focus would be on the Oregon Dunes.  We explored the topic of dune succession and hoped that very soon, we would have the opportunity to visit the dunes ourselves.

The opportunity presented itself this past weekend when we traveled home to visit family.  Patrick contacted a friend of his and set everything up for a personalized tour of the dunes from the comfort of his retrofitted VW bus.  How cool is that?!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get many photos en route to the beach from Rob’s home.  The terrain just didn’t facilitate good picture quality.

“This trip was so entirely fun!  This one spot we went on a very steep hill.  It freaked me out! Rob didn’t have enough power to get up the hill so we had to roll back down.  Then we tried again.  This time we got up.  Then he turned around and drove down the steep hill.  It was fun but felt like we were going to crash!  Along the way, we went through the forest, across the foredune and deflation plain.  There were lots of puddles. Then we got to the beach where we stretched our legs and I looked for shells.” 
~ MeiLi