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January 22, 20101

Once upon a time, there was a bowl of jellybeans. They were all cherry flavor and red in color. The bowl was sitting on a table in an attic. It had been forgotten so the jellybeans were old and sticky.

One day, Harry Potter was a little curious so he went up into the attic to see what was there. When he entered, he saw the bowl of jellybeans next to the stairs. He ate some and then got an idea. He cast a spell on every jellybean by saying,

“Magic for fun. Magic for beans.
Make these cherry jellies little human beings.”

All of a sudden the jellybeans came to life. Tiny little jelly people appeared in the bowl. They were all moving around and trying to climb out. They made a little jelly ladder and climbed one over the top of the other. Soon little jelly people were walking all over the attic.


Admin Note :: This story was originally narrated to me. It is the first story in which he made changes as suggested in our Writer’s Workshop. I typed it up for him upon request.