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April 29, 20161

My friends will frequently ask, “What is your plan for next year? Do you really intend to homeschool high school?”

This question is often a disguise for their doubt or unfamiliarity. My answer is always, “Yes! We DO intend to continue along this journey. We discuss it a lot actually. Neither of my kids have any interest in going to school.”

We Do Intend to Homeschool High School

I don’t generally elaborate unless they inquire further. I thought I would take some time now, however, to explain in more depth our decision to homeschool high school. At least that is the plan currently. It is always open for discussion.

Homeschool High School

As a substitute teacher in the same school district where my husband and I graduated and where I taught full time for six years, I love my local schools. I love the teachers with whom I work and who would be my children’s teachers if they were enrolled. I even use the district’s scope and sequence as a guideline to help me develop courses for my own kids.

In Oregon, we are fortunate to have the option to enroll part time. If my son wanted to take Jazz Band or Drama, he would simply need to fill out the registration form, talk with the instructor, and begin attending classes. The same is true if my daughter wanted to enroll in Art or Spanish.

Thus far, however, neither have expressed any interest in doing so.  They have both explored their respective areas of interest via online tutorials and materials I have purchased on their behalf that they haven’t felt a classroom experience would benefit them. They have become quite adept at evaluating the syllabi. Homeschooling has provided many blessings – the least of which is instilling a love of learning.

Eighth Grade Test Run

My daughter is presently in eighth grade. We have looked upon this past year as a trial year – much the way we looked upon her Kinder year as a trial when we first began on our homeschool journey. Using an online homeschool planner provided me the tools to provide letter grades for the first time. I was able to stay focused on what lessons I expected to be completed.

We chose her coursework together and she even began earning a few high school credits. Our collaboration helped ensure she was personally invested and interested in the coursework, not just dragging through the material because it was a requirement.

Another exciting component we discovered in the midst of the year is that keeping a digital portfolio was a huge motivating factor for her. She loves it when here Mandarin teacher says, “You have done a remarkable job on this project. I recommend keeping this in your portfolio as a sample of your work.

She has spent hours tweaking her digital portfolio to best represent her passions. I love how she has combined her interest in art with her love of nature. With her strong talents in math, science, and languages, I am confidant that she will be successful no matter what path she may choose to follow.

Homeschool Omnibus

Resources & Help for Homeschooling High School

I am also confidant that she and I will find the resources we need to successfully homeschool through the high school years. There are so many resources available online today. I have already purchased some of the curriculum we will use – literature, biology, and personal finance.

The 2016 Omnibus is also full of resources for homeschooling the high school years. I’ve already downloaded the podcasts and am excited to pop in my ear buds on my run this afternoon. There is just so much wisdom and inspiration to glean from these seasoned homeschool moms. Here’s a few on my playlist:

  • Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment by Connie Albers
  • College Admissions for the Homeschooler by Kendra Fletcher
  • College Alternatives for Homeschool Graduates by T.K. Coleman
  • College Prep – Is Writing on Track by Kim Kautzer
  • Facing the Giant – Homeschooling Through High School by Terri Johnson
  • Homeschool Transitions from Elementary to Middle to High School by Megan Zechman
  • Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way by Sheila Carroll
  • Project-Based Learning in the Middle and High School Years by Cindy West
  • Putting Together a Four Year Plan for High School by Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau
  • Seven Secrets of High School Transcripts by Vicki Tillman
  • Unschooling for High School by Joan Concilio

You can purchase all of these bundled with 79 additional courses, eBooks, and MP3s for just $25 (optional $9 DVD or $11 thumb drive add-on). It’s an amazing bundle valued at over $420! Take a look at the full catalog to get a better idea of all that is included.

Don’t delay! The sale runs only from April 29th through May 8th.


Others have already traversed the homeschool high school journey. I know I can reach out to my friends near and far for guidance along the way. My wonderful Finishing Strong co-hosts are always inspiring me with activities, lesson plans, and sharing their experience with curricula that may use in the near future.

Once day at a time” has always been our motto. I will thereby continue to confer with my children individually. Together, we will make plans that are suited to their individual learning styles and personal interests. And I will enjoy each moment along the way.


August 3, 2015

The annual Homeschool Omnibus is back!! I couldn’t be more excited to share with you this incredible collection of digital homeschool resources – eBooks, curriculum, MP3s … there is just so much!

iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

The affiliate links included are for resources we absolutely love and truly depend on. Because one of my Science Logic curriculum units is included in the Homeschool Omnibus, if you purchase through my affiliate link, I will receive a percentage of the sale for no extra cost to you. 谢谢 – Takk – Gracias -Thank you for your support! Please see my disclosure policy.


This is the best bundle available – with over a hundred products from well known homeschool authors. There are so many resources, I printed off a list of all the books in the bundle or check out this gorgeous online catalog that lists them all! Just click on the image below to see the full 2015 Omnibus Catalog.

Science, writing, American Sign Language, history, literature, geography, art, planners and printables, and high school resources ~ plus a lot of homemaking inspiration for parents. All these topics are covered in this year’s bundle.

iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

One of the featured resources in this year’s Omnibus is my Ecology Explorations curricula. This is a 10-week middles school science unit which includes 20+ activities and lesson plans fully outlined for you. Background knowledge, notebooking pages, and suggestions for extension activities are included. It is valued at $19.90 alone!

Purchasing the Omnibus also provides you with over thirty additional discounts and freebies, including 50% off a product of your choice from my Science Logic store. 

There are so many wonderful homeschool resources in the Omnibus, many of which we use regularly ourselves all year. Whether you consider yourself to be unschoolers, homeschool from a Charlotte Mason perspective, or use a classical approach, you’ll find something that suits your homeschool style.

One of my favorites include Stephanie Harrington’s Wildflower Notebooking Pages. Stephanie has generously offered a free sample of these beautifully designed nature study pages. You can find more of Stephanie’s titles at Harrington Harmonies.

Another favorite is Mary Prather’s Squilt Curriculum. Squilt is a simple and fun way to integrate music study into your homeschool curriculum. Mary blogs at Homegrown Learners, where you’ll find inspiration and support for music and Classical Conversations. Mary has also generously provided a free sample of Squilt Volume 3: The Romantic Era.

These samples will be r​emoved a​t the conclusion of the Omnibus sale so be sure to download and save them to your hard drive before August 9th.

iHomeschool Network's 4th annual Omnibus sale • the original homeschool bundle

Breaking it Down

  • 124 total resources: 47 MP3s and 77 books
  • from 100 speakers/authors
  • for homeschoolers by homeschoolers
  • total value is $754
  • your cost is $25 (with $9 DVD add-on)
  • cost is just 3% of the value
  • PDFs also come in Kindle/mobi format (where appropriate)
  • 33 bonus resources, discounts, and/or freebies
  • sale runs from August 3-9, 2015, specifically 12:01 AM Eastern Time, August 3 to 11:59 PM Pacific Time August 9.

An Additional Bonus

When you choose to purchase the Homeschool Omnibus through the links on this page, I get a percentage of the profits. This is a huge blessing to our family, and I’d like to say an extra “thank you” by offering one of my additional ebooks FREE with your purchase!

My ebook Ecology Explorations is already included in this year’s Omnibus, but if you order the bundle you can also choose from the following mini-units:

To claim your bonus, just order your Omnibus through the links on this page and forward a copy of your receipt to me and mention which eBook you would like. 

The Omnibus is only available for a limited time. Buy it this week to take advantage of this incredible offer.