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March 26, 20111

Last week, we went to the lodge social for dinner and a lively game of bingo. One of the white elephants that was brought for the prizes was a pot of daffodils. Buddy was fascinated by these flowers and went over to the prize table several times to observe them and delight in their fragrance. “I want to win the daffodils, Mom. I want to give them to you.”

As you can guess, he didn’t win the flowers … an adult admired them as well. Fortunately, he took it in strides and no tears were shed. For the next few days, however, he continued to ask and plead with me to go to the ‘plant store’ and buy some ourselves. I couldn’t say no. When the munchkins finally had the opportunity to select the flowers, they opted for Narcissus instead.

We spent several minutes with the loupe (or hand lens) while I read from the Handbook of Nature Study.  We then spent a little time illustrating a single bloom and labeling the flower parts as indicated in the book (Meili’s labels are on the reverse side of the paper).  Buddy was not feeling well when he did his – he had quite the fever and spent most of the day sleeping – I was actually surprised he did it at all.  It was his idea – I reckon – so he saw it through.  I’m so proud of them both! 

March 4, 20111

We haven’t done a true nature study in a long while. I thereby made a more conscious effort to assure it didn’t get overlooked again.  My oversight/distraction has become a frustration for me … in more than one subject, but this is a topic for another post.

For Christmas, my mom and her partner gave us a bag of tulip and daffodil bulbs (they operate a small nursery). To be honest, I had set the bag in the laundry room with the thought, ‘I’ll get to them later.’  I then promptly forgot about them, until I stumbled upon them the other day and decided I best make use of them before they began to decompose.

The munchkins both chose to illustrate just one bulb, while I illustrated both (Buddy’s shown on top, MeiLi’s is in the middle).  I am not very knowledgeable about flowers so I can’t discern one from the other.

When we completed our illustrations, we planted the bulbs in two large pots that adorn our porch. We look forward to spring when they come into bloom.