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November 15, 20141

We have integrated art projects and sketching into our homeschool curriculum for years but I haven’t always been consistent. Recently however, my kids have developed a stronger interest in art, particularly my daughter.

She spends hours watching tutorials on YouTube. She has also created several original My Little Pony characters (are your kids into MLP, too?!) and enjoys drawing the mythical creatures from Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

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artworkshopsIt has become clear that they desire more in-depth instruction than I can necessarily provide. So we’ve begun a quest for art courses and mixed media workshops taught by professionals.

Earlier this fall, both kids enjoyed a mixed media art workshop at a local studio. In the course, they had the chance to play with Gesso for the first time and try out techniques that even I hadn’t tried. They both loved it!

When I discovered the online art workshops available at Flourish and shared the course description with my daughter, she jumped at the chance to enroll. “I really want to take this class, Mom. I can make many gifts for Christmas!”


We were given free access to “Winter Wonderland”  in exchange for our honest insights about how this course is working for our family.  

 The Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop that begins in December will integrate a variety of art techniques. Students will create 20 beautiful handmade gifts to give, ideas for Christmas cards, and simple homemade Christmas decorations and ornaments.

Each week through December, the instructor will email a link to a private eCourse with tutorials for four projects. The best part is that we can work at our own pace. We will receive access to this course for one full year.

We are really excited for this course. We know it will be the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. I can just see us sitting down to do art together with a pot of tea and plate of cookies beside us.

If you would like to join us, register today! Classes begin Monday, December 1st!

Early Registration price = $36 (through November 30th)
Regular price
 = $48 (beginning December 1st)

For more information or to register, visit Winter Wonderland: Mixed Media Workshop today.