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August 19, 2013

This week flew past and we have two winners: Alex (Canada) and Kat (U.S.A.)! The surprise package scavenger hunt contest is now closed (and I’ve added the answers to the quiz below), but don’t fret, I’ll continue to hold little contests and giveaways like this one in the future!

Would you like to get a fun “surprise package” from me and my kids? A package of cool, child-friendly things from China that will make your family do cartwheels on the front lawn like Kung Fu Panda?

scavenger hunt

To mark the 6-year anniversary of our homeschool journey—and to say “xiexie” for all the warm support Academia Celestia has received since I posted my first article—I’m holding a little contest.

The contest is a quiz about this site, and the first 3 readers to submit the correct answers to 10 questions will win a “surprise package” for their family!

Entry is open to all and is completely free, so read on for all the details!  I encourage you to subscribe .. in the future, I will be hosting more activities like this and subscribers will have an advantage.

**Contest Rules for the “Surprise Package” Scavenger Hunt**

1. The first three people to email the correct answers to the quiz questions will each win a “surprise package.” Your email should be sent to: eva underscore varga at me dot come

2. I will respond to each email as quickly as I can, confirming whether or not all 10 questions are answered correctly. If not, you are free to resubmit your answers one more time.

3. When there are winners, I will update this blog post with the news.

4. When three winners have been confirmed, the contest will close and the answers will be added to this blog post. However, the contest will still close on Aug 25, even if there are fewer than three winners. (In other words, the contest will close when there are three winners, or on Aug 25 whichever comes first.)

5. The “surprise packages” will be shipped in Sept to the winners.

Again, this contest is open to everyone, both subscribers to the Academia Celestia (Eva Varga) newsletter and non-subscribers alike.

 **Questions for the “Surprise Package” Scavenger Hunt**

These 10 questions are about my family in some way. The answers can be found in my blog posts. (Hint: Use the ‘Categories’ menu and / or the ‘Search’ wiki located in the left sidebar.

Short answers are fine, but please make sure everything is clear and complete.

Remember, the first three people to submit the correct answers will be the winners! Best of luck to all!

1. What does Sweetie want to be when she grows up?

An engineer.  (See Girls in Engineering Workshop Captures Her Imagination)

2. Who does my son, Buddy, idolize and what skill has he developed as a result?

Indiana Jones.  (See Conversations with Indiana Jones)

3. When the kids were younger, we volunteered as living history interpreters. Where did we do this and what year did we portray?

High Desert Museum / 1880.  (See Homeschooling in 1880 :: Living History Volunteers)

4. What service learning project did my Roots & Shoots club undertake that took more than 2 years and nearly $500?

Interpretive Signs.  (See Our Interpretive Sign Project)

5. We presently live in California. In what city and state did I grow up? (hint – I mentioned this in a post published in July of this year.)

Bandon, Oregon.  (See The Secret of the Tides)

6. As members of the Sons of Norway, we have pursued cultural skills in cooking (amongst others). What dish do I now incorporate into our annual traditions?

Fårikål (other acceptable answers included Blotekake and Lefse).  (See Fårikål: Norway’s National Dish)

7. Thus far, we have welcomed one foreign exchange student into our home. What country was she from?

Beijing.  (See A Surprise from Beijing)

8. A surprise discovery on a Roots & Shoots outing provided us with the opportunity to observe the life-cycle of an insect. We sketched the complete cycle in our nature journals. What insect was it?

Mosquitoes.  (See Mosquitoes: Summer Nature Study)

9. What project did my kiddos enter in their first science fair?

Toothpick Bridges.  (See Building Toothpick Bridges: A Lesson Plan)

10. We have taken many exciting field trips over the years, one to the home of a famous composer. What is his name and where did he live?

Edvard Grieg / Bergen, Norway.  (See Scandinavia ~ Day Eleven)




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