Science Freebies

science freebiesI have compiled here all of the links to my various science freebies: lesson plans, printables, and unit studies that I have created and have made available for download. They are organized by discipline. I have also included freebies for service learning & citizen science as well as field trips and multidisciplinary units.

ADMIN NOTE :: A few of these resources I had previously made accessible via Homeschool Launch. That site is now offline and may be a security risk. I’ve thereby removed all those links. I am making every effort to make those files available again very soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Life Science Freebies

Anatomy (Human Body Systems)




Earth Science Freebies


Weather & Climate

    • Week of Weather Notebook Page

Physical Science Freebies


    • Periodic Table of Elements Scavenger Hunt
    • Chemistry Lab – Burning Sugar – Lab sheet

Motion & Gravity

Energy & Electricity

Engineering & Design

Service Learning & Citizen Science

    • Bird Anatomy – Lesson plans, PowerPoint presentation, and a bird survey notebooking page

Field Trip Notebooks & Family Holidays

    • Zoo or Wildlife Safari Field Trip Booklet

Multidisciplinary Lessons & Unit Studies

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  11. Thank you for alerting me. I changed web hosts recently and am still finding errors and lost links. Sadly, however I am away on holiday and will not be able to correct them for a week or so.

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