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August 10, 20142

This is perhaps one of the hardest posts for me to write because we don’t really have a school room or room dedicated to homeschool. We live in a modest sized home and like most homeschool families, our lifestyle of learning is evident in the decor of our home.

our school room

As I will explain more in the near future – we have a very relaxed approach to homeschool. My kids and I also have many interests. As a result, we tend to have projects and activities – in various stages of completion – strung about and on display all the time.

Like most homeschool moms, I also adore books. I regularly scour second hand stores for classic titles and even old textbooks. My shelves are double stacked and there are still piles of books in front of the book cases.

Most of our formal schooling – when we are home – takes place here in the living room. The kids and I stretch out on the couches as I read aloud. We squeeze around the coffee table, sitting criss-cross on the floor, to work on our history timeline or map work. Larger projects are spread out on the floor.


In the center of the photograph, you can see my secretary desk – a gift from my husband when we first began our homeschool journey. It is made from the wood of a black walnut that my dad sawed on his mill. It is the perfect size for the kids’ laptop and for journaling or correspondence.

This photograph doesn’t show it, but the hallway is strewn with posters that correlate to our current studies and a few projects the kids have recently completed.

One of my favorite areas of our home – and the one that elicits the most comments – is our Our Cabinet of Curiosities. This is where we can display our nature collections, field guides, and nature journals.  

Looking for Inspiration?

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You can also see how other homeschool families set up their homeschool “rooms” at the Not Back To School Blog Hop from the iHomeschool Network.

Come back often to visit new additions all week this week. Next Monday we will be sharing student photos. Grab a button so your bloggy friends can share their hard work, too.



  • RockerMom

    August 11, 2014 at 4:10 am

    I love the way your home is your school. We, too, have things everywhere (mostly in our kitchen.. and bookcases dominate our living room). That secretary desk is so cool (even cooler that your dad sawed the wood in his mill). Thanks for sharing and have a great year!

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