I am continually amazed by the creativity of our new Mandarin tutor.  He is always coming up with innovative ways to keep the kiddos excited about learning another language – particularly when it comes to rote memorization or review of vocabulary.  He loves technology and frequently integrates the use of the iPad.  He has shared with us many fun new apps for Mandarin.  Most recently, he and #1 spent their instructional time texting one another back and forth.  It was impressive to see how much more comfortable she was conversing in this way.
Last week, we had an opportunity to go to San Francisco – one of our favorite cities.  In anticipation of this trip, he  devised a scavenger hunt to engage the kids as we explored Chinatown.  #1 was expected to do all of the “Must-do” assignments as well as 3 “Optional” assignments.  #2 was expected to do only 3 of the “Optional” assignments.  
San Francisco Chinatown Scavenger Hunt – Click on it to enlarge

To further integrate their assignment into our homeschool activities, I requested that they each complete the tasks on their own blog.  Here are links to their completed work:

#2 – not yet finished
Please consider popping over to their blogs and leaving a comment for each of them.  They love to hear from their readers and it sparks them to want to write more.  🙂
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