Scandinavian Heritage Camp :: Day 1 - Eva Varga

July 7, 2010

This year I again coordinated a Scandinavian Heritage Camp for our local lodge however, this year I teamed up with another member.  As a result, I felt much more relaxed and comfortable knowing that I had assistance.  Another positive this year was the fact that we had several adult volunteers.

Upon arrival, the children gathered around tables to color illustrations of trolls.  This allowed me to complete registrations and for parents to ask any questions.  It also helped set the stage and provided an opportunity to prepare mentally for the day.

We then gathered the kids outside to make plaster troll masks.  The kids lay down on the picnic table bench and then an adult brushes aside the child’s hair and applies Vaseline to their face.  Plaster gauze is cut into small strips or squares, is dipped in water, and laid gently on the child’s face, covering their eyes and mouth only if they are comfortable.  When it has dried just a little, the mask can be carefully lifted off the child’s face and additional troll features can be added (pointy ears, horns, warts, etc.).  The masks are then set aside to dry over-night.

After cleaning up, the kids gathered around a table where toothpicks and vegetables were distributed.  The kids were instructed to create a veggie troll … and were allowed to eat whatever appealed to them.  I don’t think I’ve seen kids eat so many fresh veggies!  It was great.  Surprisingly, too, this was one of their favorite activities all week.

Interspersed this first day, we also read The Three Billy Goats Gruff and compared the illustrations of two additional versions.  Additionally, we read through the script for Three Trolls Gruff (a variation) and divided up the parts so everyone had a role to perform come the final day of camp.

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