Scandinavia Day Two: Arriving in Copenhagen & the Storget - Eva Varga

May 6, 2011

We landed in Amsterdam on time, but it took forever to taxi to the gate and unload the plane.  We thereby only had 25 minutes to make our connection.  We literally ran through the airport and went through customs & security so fast I can’t recall a single detail.  In fact, I’m not sure we went through customs actually – perhaps that was the next airport.  Anyway …

We arrived at our next gate and the attendant informed us that though we were speedy and made it on time, there was no way the same could be said of our luggage. We thereby arrived at our hotel – Marriott Copenhagen – via taxi a short time later sans luggage.  Quite ironic,  I think, for this was the first time I didn’t actually pack provisions and clothing for the first day in my carry-on.

Upon settling in – quick quick when don’t have anything to unpack – we opted to stroll along the pedestrian street, Størget.  We took in a number of shops (buying a few postcards) .. least of which was the Lego store, requiring repeat visits during our stay in Copenhagen (as it turned out).

We soon found ourselves more hungry than we had anticipated and thereby opted for a more American style dinner and dined at Streckers – it was convenient and inexpensive in comparison to the others in our vicinity. MeiLi chose tomato soup while the rest of us ordered burgers.  We were quite disappointed in the faire .. a las .. we finally returned to our room and did our best to adjust to the time difference.

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