Scandinavia Day Thirteen: Fishing in the North Sea - Eva Varga

May 17, 2011

We woke early once again … Arvid had warned us that we would be on the go everyday … and drove out to meet another cousin, Eivind, his daughter and parents at their summer cottage.  The plan for the day was to go fishing.  On the North Sea!!

Upon our arrival, we were greeted warmly by Eivind and his family. I was taken aback by how familiar Eivind seemed to me.  Funny how your mind plays tricks on you like that.  Anyway … his mother served us a delightful meal of smørrebrod and went out of her way to make hot dogs for the kids in case they weren’t fond of more traditional foods.  I tried to explain that it wasn’t necessary but she insisted.  As we dined, she brought out a couple of doilies she had made special as a gift for me.  I got all choked up!  She reminded me so  much of my own grandmothers.  I was so touched.

After lunch, we walked down to the dock and donned life vests.  I honestly don’t recall the last time I tried to fish with any success, I believe I was about the same age as Sweetie is today.  I hoped they weren’t relying on my skills for our evening meal.  One of the most intriguing things was what we used to fish … I neglected to take a picture myself but I was able to find these images online … the image on the left shows a traditional wood contraption (by welsh-witch at DeviantArt) while the image on the right shows a more modern, plastic one just like the ones we used (from Shelby & Kjerstin’s Scandinavian Adventure).


Sweetie was delighted to make the first catch of the day.  Buddy, fortunately, didn’t give in but forged ahead confidant that he, too, would be successful.  Good thing … for he brought in the largest fish.  Sadly, the adults went home with empty hands.

When we got back to the house, Asbjørg & …. were awaiting us.  The munchkins immediately ran up to … to share with him the fish they had caught.  It was heart warming to see how quickly they had bonded with one another.

We then drove down to Tore’s home where we met the rest of his family (his son and wife) and enjoyed a small family reunion.  Another cousin, Paul, joined us and we feasted on a lovely dinner.  
Papachango (as I’ve begun to affectionately call my spouse), however, was whisked away shortly after our arrival to attend a soccer game with Reidar,  Brann vs. ??    From what the boys told me later, it was a great game with Brann bringing home the win!! Yippee!
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