Earth Logic: Earth Science Curriculum

Science Logic Curriculum: Hands-on, inquiry based science curriculum for middle level students.

Science Logic Curriculum is an inquiry-based, hands-on science curriculum for middle-level students (the dialectic or logic stage). Each unit incorporates background information, literature connections, and suggested long-term projects. The units can be used independently or combined for a complete academic year curriculum. The order in which the units are taught is very flexible. You may wish to focus on one discipline each year. Alternatively, you may prefer a multidisciplinary approach and thereby select one unit from each discipline.

My goal in writing this hands-on science curriculum is to provide a science curriculum that will challenge your middle-level child and instill a love of science.  I have included hands-on activities every week, readings, as well as long-term projects.  All of the activities described have been field tested in the public school and homeschool settings with students in the 4th-8th grade.  The lessons are written with homeschooling families in mind but can also be easily adapted to a co-op or classroom.

Life Sciences:

Earth Sciences:

Physical Sciences:

If you should have any questions about Science Logic or my science curriculum materials, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Earth Logic (Dialectic Stage Earth Sciences) is an inquiry based, hands-on earth science curriculum for middle school students. It is created to provide teachers with the tools and inspiration to engage their students in meaningful, hands-on science and service learning experiences through tangible curriculum, shared resources, and real-world contexts. The curriculum was field tested in the public school classroom and modified for the homeschool or co-op setting. Earth Logic is comprised of three disciplines (Geology, Weather & Climate, and Astronomy). The units can stand alone or can be combined for a complete academic year curriculum.

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