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June 15, 20101
This is the first year that I have opted administer Charlotte Mason style exams with Buddy. I have never done any formal preschool type lessons with him.  Rather, I’ve allowed him to explore his interests and occasionally squeeze in lessons when I can catch him in the right mood. Formally, he does math and mini lessons in reading and writing.  He sits in on science and history lessons and I’ve gradually required more from him in terms of output. 

1. Which was your favorite read aloud book from this year?  Why? 

Percy Jackson.

2. Can you retell a part of your favorite read aloud?

All of it.   

History / Geography:

1. Tell me what you remember about Muhammad OR Charlemagne OR Eric the Red OR Leif Ericsson OR another historical figure of your choice.

(will add his response soon)

2. Who were the first Europeans to discover North America?

The Vikings

3. Show me Great Britain, Romania, Honduras, New Zealand, France and Scandinavia on the map. What can you tell me about one of these countries?

Buddy could only show me where Russia and Norway are located on the globe. We’ve obviously got some work to do.

1. What was your favorite science unit this year.     SPACE

2. Tell me something you have learned about space.

I learned that there are 8 planets in our solar system.  They revolve around the sun.  The planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune!

3. Tell me about your favorite planet.

Jupiter is my favorite because it is the biggest.  It is a gas giant.  It has lots of moons.  Jupiter has a small ring.

Music / Art Appreciation:

Here is what Buddy said about learning piano and guitar.

My favorite songs that I like to play are I Was Working on the Railroad, a folksong.  I also like A Horse with No Name that I am learning on the guitar.


1. What can you recall about The Twelfth Night.
I liked The Twelfth Night a lot.  It was about a ship hitting rocks during a storm and sinking. The captain threw everyone off and then he jumped in but he didn’t lose his hat because it was strapped onto his chin, I think.  The captain and this one girl swam up onto a beach.  Then the girl wanted to be like a boy. 
2. What was your favorite scene?
My favorite part was the ship wreck in the beginning. 
Field Trips:
1. Of all the trips we’ve taken this year, which one was your favorite?  Why?
Pine Mountain Observatory because we got to see the big telescopes 
2. Describe two things that you learned on this trip.
I learned how the telescopes work and what the stars look like.
What would you most like to study or are most looking forward to studying in the coming year?
I want to study more about the Asteroid Belt. 

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  • Alex

    June 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    What a great way to assess what he has learned! It looks like an interview. I really like it, and will try it with my kids. Thanks for sharing.

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