nature study

September 1, 20142

Many homeschoolers are familiar with Anna Botsford Comstock, the esteemed author of the Handbook of Nature Study, a nature study guide.  I first discovered her works when we first began homeschooling and I stumbled upon  Barb McCoy’s blog, also named Handbook of Nature Study. The words in the text, alongside the challenges Barb coordinated each week, have touched my personal […]

April 3, 2014

I am delighted to share with you that my friend, Barb at the Handbook of Nature Study, has completely redesigned her website.  I have never been more excited for a blog remodel.  We have been using Barb’s Outdoor Hour Challenges since we first began homeschooling almost 8 years ago.  In fact, it was due to […]

March 14, 20141

For many regions of California, 2013 ended as the driest year in recorded history. That trend has continued into 2014, prompting Gov. Jerry Brown to declare a drought state of emergency in January of this year. Though rains have begun to fall and storms have threatened some regions with flooding due to the lack of vegetation after recent fires, […]

December 17, 20131

Upon observing a tremendously diverse number of fungi species last month, I asked the kiddos to select one to journal about.  It wasn’t surprising that Sweetie selected Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric Fungi).  Whether of mutual  interest or simply thinking it would be easier, Buddy chose the same. In children’s picture books and whimsy illustrations of fairies, the Amanita family […]