Our School Room

We live in a modest sized home and like most homeschool families, our lifestyle of learning is evident in the decor of our home.  Our projects and activities are strung about and ‘on display’ all the time.

The foyer and nature center. All our field guides are stored in the cupboard below the curio cabinet.  You can see our field bags under the table and our walking sticks in the corner … ready for an impromptu outing.  Our journals are on the table … along with the Handbook of Nature Study, a few specimens, and our microscope. 

The hallway with posters that correlate to our current studies and a few projects the kids have recently completed.  This is a new feature in our home and we’ve only begun to use this as a teaching tool.
Looking into the living room from the foyer … the piano and our library of resource books.  There are also two 4-drawer filing cabinets full of material but those are in the corner of Sweetie’s bedroom.
A close-up of our library.  The two wooden boxes on the floor store our Book of Centuries,    postcard albums, and other materials we use regularly.  The kids’ Mandarin bags are tucked between the boxes when not in use.  

The living room showing the coffee table or where you’ll find the kids’ math workbooks, our library books, and their writing journals.  These seldom get put away because we use them so frequently. Beneath the table is a box with dividers to organize pencils, scissors, post-its, tape, glue-stick, etc. This is where we do our school work – either independently or cooperatively.  We’ll spread projects out on the floor, cuddle up on a couch and read, or each find a comfy spot to work on our own.

About Eva Varga

Eva is passionate about education. She has extensive experience in both formal and informal settings. She presently homeschools her two young children, teaches professional development courses through the Heritage Institute, and writes a middle level secular science curriculum called Science Logic. In addition to her work in education, she is an athlete, competing in Masters swimming events and marathons. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, learning new languages, and above all spending time with her family. ♥

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