Our Exchange Boxes .. The Finale

I wanted to be certain that I posted pictures of the wonderful boxes we received in the Environmental Exchange Box project that I coordinated in the spring.  To assure everyone who signed up had a partner in a region different than the one in which they resided, my kiddos and I ended up exchanging with three different families.  There was really no extra effort on our part … we just collected duplicates of everything we wanted to send. 

“Our “Maryland” box from 

Each box we received was very different in regards to what the families chose to send.  Some chose to include seed packets of wildflowers.  Others chose to include local food products.  Everyone included some travel brochures and information about their local region.

Our “Illinois” box from 

We enjoyed opening each box and take out each item one by one.  The contents of the boxes opened up a discussion about the similarities and differences between our environments.  We discovered, for example, that Lodgepole pine is found across the continent.

Our “Colorado” box from 
We were very pleased with the results of this project.  We hope that everyone who took part had a great time and learned a little more about the ecology of our country.  I encourage you to think of coordinating a similar project of your own.  We learned so much.  🙂

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