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January 29, 20131

We’ve always enjoyed exploring antique stores and generally visit one every three months or so. Two weeks ago, Sweetie asked to buy a piece of Vaseline glass for her project on Marie Curie. We found the perfect piece … a small owl figurine that complements her owl collection perfectly. She was ecstatic when the following day we stumbled upon a black light in a local hardware store.

When the coordinator of the leadership conference in which my husband would be participating learned that we would be accompanying him, she sent a brief email informing us that, “[Georgia’s] Rome is a fairly small town. There are quite a few antique stores on Broad St. and movie theatres. Other than that, there [isn’t much to see outside of Atlanta].”

I read her email aloud to the kids and they responded with gleeful remarks, “Cool!”. “Can we go?” She had made no mention of the Civil War or Cherokee / Chieftans Trail museums and national historic sites in the area which were already on our ‘must-do’ list.

As we wandered about, we came upon a used  book store. We must have spent an hour in there enjoying the many, many old books. There was a large section on the Civil War and local history. We were also impressed with the children’s selections which features a large collection of school books including readers and spellers.

Buddy picked up a book and opened it to a poem by Clinton Scollard. “Mom, that name sounds familiar. Who was it?”

“He wrote the poem you both memorized a while ago called The Archer. Do you remember?”

“Oh yeah! Can I get this book?”  We walked back to the hotel and he opened it up immediately and began reading the first story, a non-fiction selection about Balto. He hasn’t yet been bitten by the reading bug like his sister, but it won’t be long.

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  • Alexandra DK

    February 18, 2013 at 7:49 pm

    I love old book stores too! You never know what treasures you will find.
    Celeste finally got bitten by the reading bug early this year. I was beyond thrilled! All 3 kids love to read now.
    I had never heard of Vaseline glass..going to google it now.
    I love reading your travel posts.

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