NOVAPEX 2013 - Stamp Collecting Show - Eva Varga

March 6, 20131

This weekend marked our one year anniversary in stamp collecting and both kiddos expanded their original exhibits to two-frames (32 pages). I am so proud of how hard they have worked to research the stamps and write their story (though admittedly, I did the typing for Buddy).

We spent the entire day at the show on Saturday and much of Sunday. We enjoyed visiting with the other exhibitors (they were still the only youth), hearing the judges’ critique, brainstorming other exhibit ideas, and browsing the dealer tables.

We continue to learn so much about stamp collecting and the tricks of philatelic exhibiting. As of now, we are content to focus on topical or thematic exhibits. As we continue, I’m sure we will begin to explore more in depth topics like cancellation marks and plate errors.

Sweetie plans to revise her “Birds of the World” exhibit once more in preparation for the “Champion of Champions” show in Washington this May. In the mean time, she plans to begin developing a few more exhibits as material (stamps, covers, etc) become available. She may exhibit “Lunar New Year” and “Fungi” by the years end. She is also collecting materials for “Owls”, “Minerals”, “Fantasy Fiction”.

Buddy has an exhibit in mind that is actually quite advanced for young collectors. It may likely take years to collect enough material to tell his story. His focus is on the Danish company, Mærsk. Until then, I hope I can continue to encourage him to exhibit other more kid-friendly topics.

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  • Alexandra DK

    March 11, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    I collected (and still like) stamps when I was little. A great hobby.

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