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October 13, 20103

In the midst of summer, both of the kiddos were really into creating their own newsletters. MeiLi wrote a weekly paper on food and published 3 issues (raspberries, chives, and cucumbers) which she proudly distributed to her subscribers. Buddy wrote just one on airplanes. He had started a second on jets, but then their enthusiasm dwindled and he never came back to it. Last week’s field trip to the newspaper has reinvigorated their interest.

click on the image to enlarge and thereby read his text

When we returned home from Taekwondo last night, Buddy turned on the laptop, loaded up Pages, selected his favorite template, and began work on a new issue.  The theme … what else but BMX ?! 

He asked for assistance to Google images and to move a few of the template pieces (graphics, text boxes, etc.) around.  He also needed help with spelling and grammar of course.  I was in the midst of preparing dinner so MeiLi worked with him to set style of the page.  I then spelled out most of the words for him slowly … one letter, one punctuation mark, one space key at a time.  It was slow and arduous but he is so proud and that makes all the difference.

He is already working on another issue … on freight trains.  “Let me just finish this one, Mom.  Then I’ll go back to my jets newsletter.” As he progresses through each issue, he becomes more comfortable spelling and remembering when to use the space bar.  It is such a joy to watch! 


  • Alex

    October 13, 2010 at 6:39 pm

    He did a great job!!

  • Kylie

    October 13, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    He did a fabulous job. He’ll love looking back on these in a few years to come 🙂

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