Mystery Class 2012 Week #2 - Eva Varga

February 12, 2012

We are taking part in  Journey North Mystery Class  once again this year – it will be our third attempt.  Life always seems to pull us away from this awesome project and we’ve never finished.  

Each week, the sunrise and sunset data from each of the ten mystery sites is reported.  We thereby plot the sunrise and sunset time for each site on a graph. As the weeks progress, we connect the dots and a line graph is generated, providing a visual of the photoperiod (hours of daylight) for each location.

At the end of week #2, we were able to sort our data between Southern and Northern Hemisphere. We are able to do this by checking which locations are gaining increasing their photoperiod (Northern) and which ones are loosing daylight hours (Southern). 

photo from Journey North Mystery Class

One location hasn’t changed its photoperiod. The kids presumed this one must be very close to the North Pole.  Here is a recap of our findings this week:

MC # 1 – Northern Hemisphere
MC # 2 – Southern Hemisphere
MC # 3 – Northern Hemisphere
MC # 4 – Southern Hemisphere
MC # 5 – Northern Hemisphere
MC # 6 – Southern Hemisphere 
MC # 7 – ??? – very close to North Pole
MC # 8 – Southern Hemisphere
MC # 9 – Northern Hemisphere
MC #10 – Northern Hemisphere

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