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March 29, 20141

Finding free curriculum materials isn’t easy.  Particularly for middle school and high school students.  Today, I am delighted to share with you a wonderful resource for middle school educators from the National Forest Service.

Middle School Science Resources

natural inquirer thumbsScientists report their research in journals, which enable scientists to share information with one another. The National Forest Service has created a science journal specifically for middle school students.  This journal, The Natural Inquirer, was created so that scientists can share their research with middle school students. Each article tells you about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service.

All of the research in this journal is concerned with nature, trees, wildlife, insects, outdoor activities and water. First students will “meet the scientists” who conduct the research. Then students read special information about science, and then about the environment. Students will also read about a specific research project, written in a way that scientists write when publishing their research in journals. Students become scientists when they do the Discovery FACTivity, learning vocabulary words that help in understanding articles.  Click here to learn more about The Natural Inquirer.

In edition to this wonderful publication – which is available FREE in both print and eBook format, the USDA Forest Service has also created an awesome set of Scientist Trading Cards. The collection includes 80 full-color cards featuring a photograph on the front and a short biography on the reverse.  These cards are an excellent tool for teaching students about different types of science careers and scientists.


The Scientist Trading Cards from The Natural Inquirer will bring your students deeper into the world of scientists. They will read and learn about many different scientists within the U.S. Forest Service, including what type of scientists they are, where they received their education, and what the scientists feel are important characteristics of scientists.

Scientists are people who collect and evaluate information about a wide range of topics. People of all different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities can become scientists. Students will also learn when each scientist knew they wanted to become a scientist, what their most exciting discovery is, the various types of equipment and technology they use, and examples of research questions they answer.

Print out the first series of Scientist Trading Cards now!   Click here to see the cards.

Find out more about the USDA Forest Service.

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