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May 31, 2010
We’ve been studying Astronomy these past few weeks and have thereby picked up a number of books about the planets, space exploration, and the Milky Way.  Two of the books we checked out recently are Mission to Mars and Touchdown Mars!  Both books have very cute illustrations and current factual information about the red planet.
Written by Franklyn M. Branley
Illustrated by True Kelley
What might we learn about Earth, our solar system, and the universe from a trip to Mars? This exploration of the “red planet” includes an introduction by Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, plus activities at the end of the book that will help readers understand what conditions are like on Mars.
The author, Franklyn M. Branley, was Astronomer Emeritus and former Chairman of the American Museum-Hayden Planetarium. In 1960, he originated the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science series. Dr. Branley was the author of over 150 science books for children.

Written by Peggy Wetheredand Ken Edgett
Illustrated by Michael Chesworth

From loading the spacecraft, lifting off from Earth, spending months floating around a spacecraft (working and playing), researching the surface of Mars and its moons, to the journey back home, eight young astronauts complete an exploratory mission to Mars.  However, as the spacecraft soars through the atmosphere, a number of the alphabetically driven entries are inconsequential and strained (e.g., for the letter D, “You are going up up up in the right direction”; and for F, “Your journey will take you very far”).

Mars Activity:  
Some people think that a long time from now, there will be a colony on Mars. Do you think this could happen? Draw a picture of a Martian colony, or write a story about what a day in a Martian colony might be like.

Remember the things people need to stay alive: food, air and water. How will the colonists get all these things? What kind of research will they do? What will they do for fun?

Click here to find out more about research on Mars and the Mars mission.
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