Let’s Pull Together 2008 ~ Part One

Our Roots & Shoots group will be participating in the state-wide Let’s Pull Together campaign this month. Invasive species have always been a favorite topic of mine. When I was teaching, I wrote several grants to develop an “Alien Invaders” curriculum and get my students involved in the eradication/prevention of invasives.

In anticipation of our upcoming endeavor, I thought I’d share a list of 13 Invasive Species that are changing the Oregon landscape. The graphic below describes how unwanted plants and animals are dispersed. Click on it to enlarge.

I encourage you to become familiar with the invasive animals and plants in your area and to do your part to prevent further distribution.

About Eva Varga

Eva is passionate about education. She has extensive experience in both formal and informal settings. She presently homeschools her two young children, teaches professional development courses through the Heritage Institute, and writes a middle level secular science curriculum called Science Logic. In addition to her work in education, she is an athlete, competing in Masters swimming events and marathons. In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, learning new languages, and above all spending time with her family. ♥

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  1. I think our biggest invader is kudzu. It’s EVERYWHERE! It will actually completely cover buildings, cars, grow all the way up & over telephone poles, and it’s nearly impossible to kill!

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