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I have to share with you a series of books called Rainbow Magic by Daisy Meadows (a pen name, I am sure). My daughter received the jewel fairy books a year ago from her cousin as a gift. At the time, she wasn’t reading and despite my many efforts to engage her, I constantly encountered roadblocks… which, of course, lead to power struggles and headaches. [… to the point in which I was even doubting my decision to homeschool.] A few weeks ago however, not long after Sweetie sat down with the neighbor (a retired teacher) for an objective evaluation, the girls in the neighborhood re-introduced Sweetie to the fairy books.

Sweetie was excited to share that she in fact had all the books in the jewel fairy series… but sadly she hadn’t read them. The enthusiasm of the other girls sparked her interest and she immediately began to struggle through the first one, India the Moonstone Fairy. It took her some time to finish but she was determined to read it on her own. As she progressed through the chapters, she exclaimed to me on several occasions how much she enjoyed reading. “I love reading more than math, now!” [I’m not convinced and I hope she hasn’t lost her zeal for math – but I was delighted to hear it, nonetheless.]

Granted, these books are far from the living books (see Jimmie’s Squidoo lens Charlotte Mason Basics for more information on living books) that we as homeschool moms and teachers look for in quality literature. Yet, they have succeeded where I failed… sparking an interest in my daughter to read independently.

As a result of her newly discovered passion, she was eager to go to Barnes & Noble last week whereby she spent over $20 on books. I couldn’t resist – I, too, love to buy books – our home library is testament! Additionally, she asked for assistance in updating her GoodReads account and invited all her friends to join as well so that they could share with one another the books they enjoy.

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  1. These were Shayna’s favorites, like Sweetie, she tasted her early enjoyment of reading with fantasy series such as this one. Skye on the other hand skipped right into teen reads!

    Sorry I missed your float this year. There were so many great displays but I missed most of them. Next year…Have a happy holiday! Maybe I will get to see you and the kiddos before the year end?

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