In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms ~ Book Sharing Monday - Eva Varga

June 9, 20092

A little something different (I generally share children’s literature) but this one is too good to pass up… particularly because most all of my readers are in fact Stay-at-Home HOMESCHOOLING Moms. If you have ever doubted your decision to stay home with your children (I know I have – particularly the first couple of years). If you have ever been frustrated with the mundane chores that never end (who hasn’t?!). Then this is a must read.

DH actually recommended this book to me. He had read a review about it in the Wall Street Journal and thought I would be interested. I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Laura prior to reading this book. Now that I am – I wonder, “Where was she my first year at home with Sweetie in ’02?!” Better yet, “Where was I?!”


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