Ice-Breaker Swim Meet - Eva Varga

February 7, 20121

Sweetie took part in her first sanctioned swim meet this past week in Sacramento.  As she hadn’t competed in the past, her goal was simply to complete each event, do her best, and to ultimately have fun.  Though she could have squeezed in numerous events, we chose to keep it to a minimum and she thereby chose three:  100y Freestyle, 100y Breaststroke, and 100y Individual Medley.

Warmup – Free

The weather could not have been better for mid-February.  This event last year we were told was miserably cold for the spectators … let alone the swimmers.   Her first two events were scheduled for Sat and her final event was on Sun.

100y Breast

The 100y Free provided a huge learning curve – starting off the block and a horn, rather than a whistle or someone yelling, ‘Go!’  She thereby had a delayed start but otherwise she looked strong.

100y Breast
Her favorite stroke is Breaststroke and it is also the easiest stroke to photograph.  She did much better in this event and while competing against the same girls, she place significantly higher.  It will be fun to watch how much she improves as she gains both skill and confidence.   
Start of 100y IM

The morning of the IM, she didn’t want to participate.  She started to get really nervous and nearly made herself sick with worry.  We all encouraged her to see it through and thankfully she did.  I knew she would be disappointed with herself had she backed out.  She did well and was indeed happy that she completed all her events.

The best part of the weekend – on top of meeting many of the other families and getting to know our team mates better – was that Buddy was inspired to compete as well.  I think swimming will become a major part of our lives moving forward.

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