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September 23, 20102

In the midst of the summer, it became apparent that my little guy was not crazy about Taekwondo.  I thereby didn’t enroll him in August or September and have tried on numerous occasions to talk with him about what else he might be interested in participating.  Nothing seemed to appeal to him.

Then a week ago, something seemed to click in my brain (finally!) and I realized that the one thing he enjoys above anything else is riding his bike.  Recent posts on Facebook from a childhood friend of mine had reminded me that when we were kids, he and my brother were passionate about BMX.  In fact, my brothers children have also dabbled in the sport and enjoy competing occasionally.

When my little guy is outside, he loves to emulate our neighbor, Tristan, who has a trick bike.  He shows the little guys how to go over jumps and pop ‘wheelies’.  The boys are in awe of this young teen.  Would Buddy enjoy BMX?  Could this be his passion?  I did a little investigating … talked with my sister-in-law … and got the ball rolling.

We visited our local track on Monday evening to discover that to ride … participants are required to have a full-face helmet, long pants and long sleeves.  Their bike must not have a chain guard, reflectors or kick stand … basically anything that could break off and potentially harm other riders.  We talked with the volunteers and looked the track over.  Fortunately, a vendor was on site with gently used youth helmets on clearance.  I figured $35 was a worthwhile investment whether he proved to enjoy it or not, so we brought home a helmet.

Buddy was an instant celebrity in the neighborhood … oohs and ahhhs from all the little boys.  The moms were beside themselves.  “Where did you get that helmet?  Why?”   Finally … Buddy was receiving attention that was truly all his own … for something very positive.

On Wednesday, we had a full day of activities and at the end was our 2nd visit to the track and his first opportunity to ride.  His behavior during the day was awesome!  He even dressed in a white shirt and tie promising that he’d change before he took his bike out on the dirt track.  Throughout the day .. everyone complimented him both on his behavior and his attire.  He was all smiles.


Immediately upon our arrival at the track, he put on his helmet and began to watch the other riders.  It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do … he pushed his bike up the steep incline to the starting gate and he was off.  I look forward to what joys and discoveries this new sport will bring.


  • Alex

    September 23, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    I love it when my kids show passion for something! BMX is awesome, I used to have a couple of good friends growing up that were really into it. I loved watching their cool tricks!
    Your new layout looks great btw 🙂

  • Amy in Peru

    September 24, 2010 at 3:42 am

    Wow! Great job with the research! Sounds exciting. I think I’d be scared to death personally… 🙂

    amy in peru

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