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March 10, 2014

In our homeschool, we have a nature centered curriculum and use a unique blend of materials and methods suited to our lifestyle of learning. People often ask me what kind of homeschoolers we are: Classical? Charlotte Mason? Eclectic? Delight-Directed? Unschoolers?  How, they want to know, does learning happen in our home?

Several educational philosophies seem to have intertwined themselves in our home, so that the what we do – read great books, study nature, dive deeply into history, immerse ourselves in other cultures (geography and language studies) – is highly influenced by Charlotte’s writings and their application to our modern world; and the how we do it – through conversation and leisurely, child-led exploration – is influenced by the writings of John Holt, Sandra Dodd, and other unschooling advocates.

best pinterest boards

There is no debate that Pinterest has changed the way many of us browse the interest.  It has never been easier to research lesson plans and activities for homeschool or to find a great new recipe. Today, I would like to share with you how Pinterest allows me to homeschool naturally.

Curriculum & Homeschool

Undoubtedly, we all use Pinterest to gather lesson plan ideas and resources to augment our homeschool curriculum. I have boards for each content area – language arts, math, history, geography, and fine arts.  Because science is so much a part of me and thereby our homeschool, I have boards for several science disciplines – biology, physics, engineering, computer science, and nature study.  I also have boards specific to science notebooking, science field trips, and citizen science opportunities.

Projects for Co-op

I coordinate a couple of different co-ops for my local homeschool community.  I have thereby created a Pinterest board for each co-op and pin ideas for new projects and activities to the board.

My Favorite Pinterest Boards

The Best of Academia Celestia

academia celestia

Science Notebooking


Nature Study & Journaling

nature journaling

Citizen Science

citizen science



Family Vacations

Lastly, I create boards for each family vacation we plan.  I thereby bookmark articles and adventures that I think will be of interest to my family, thereby compiling the research I have done into one place.  I invite my husband to also pin to the board (though he rarely does) – but it serves as a way to share with him excursions or things I think we should consider while traveling.

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