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July 30, 2012

I have loved the writing of Jean Craighead George since I was a little girl myself.  I read aloud My Side of the Mountain years ago to the kiddos and they have recently both picked it up themselves (#1 read it independently as the first book in a new book club she started with a few friends while #2 is partner reading it with his dad).  It was a sad coincidence that we learned of the author’s passing while they were immersed in her beloved novel.

Our local library has a shelf honoring authors born in the current month.  Jean was born on July 2, 1919 and several of her books were thereby on the shelf when we visited the library two weeks ago.  We were delighted to find one we hadn’t seen before, Frightful’s Daughter Meets the Baron Weasel.  This is another mesmerizing, heartwarming tale of a boy’s life in the forest from the greatest living writer of nature stories for children, accompanied by majestic artwork (illustrations by Daniel San Souci) sure to delight fans old and new. 

Sam Gribley’s animal friends include Frightful the falcon, her offspring, the mischievous Baron Weasel, and many others. As winter approaches, both Frightful and the Baron Weasel have hungry families to feed, and Sam discovers that the Baron has his eye on the baby falcons. What is Sam to do?

In the words of her publicist, “The legacy she leaves behind … is that of a passionate and fearless naturalist, teacher, and artist. We are so grateful for the many years of good memories, and for all her beloved books that will live on forever.”

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