Fly Tying 101 - Weeks Five & Six - Eva Varga

November 22, 2012
Guest Blogger ~ Geneva

During week #5, we learned how to tie a Pheasant tail fly.  The Pheasant tail fly uses a lot of Pheasant tail feathers.  It looks really cool when it is all done though it was a little confusing to make.  The woman pictured behind me is one of the volunteers in my class.  She is considered to be one of the world’s best fly tyers.

Week #6 – The last week of the class was probably the most fun. We got to tie a Copper John. This one was really cool because we got to split the tail in half.

I really enjoyed Fly Tying class.  The volunteers said that they will have another class in the spring and if there is enough interest, they will do an advanced class.  I hope the other kids want to do it again because I would love to learn how to make more advanced flies.

They also have a summer camp in July.  I am going to write a couple of essays so that I can hopefully win a scholarship to the camp.  I think it would be a lot of fun.

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