Fly Tying 101 - Week Four - Eva Varga

November 9, 2012
Guest Blogger ~ Geneva
This week in fly tying class we learned to tie a lure.  A lure is not actually a fly but a hook with flashy stuff to attract the fish.  Once they are lured in close, you can change your hook. You can sometimes hook them with just the lures, too.

I also learned in class about a fun Fish Camp in the summer.  It costs a lot of money so I am going to write two essays so I can maybe I can go on a scholarship.

This is a great fly tying website, Fly Anglers OnLine, Your Complete Internet Flyfishing Resource.  On the home page, if you go to the left column and click on FOTW (fly of the week), you’ll tap into thousands of fly tying patterns.
There are also three levels of fly tying courses (after you click on “fly tying” in the left column), and lots of other articles and information.   Warning:  this can eat up lots of your time, so it’s best to save it until after all studying and homework is done for the day.
Today my mom and dad gave me a fly tying kit.  It was my birthday gift.  They waited to buy it until after the class so they would know what kind of kit to buy.  I am really excited.
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