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March 12, 2014

Welcome to Finishing Strong!

Finishing Strong Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years Education Possible
What a great launch week!

A big thank you to all of the bloggers who linked up their fabulous posts, full of ideas and inspiration for homeschooling the older years.

And thank you to all of you who stopped by one of our co-hosts’ blogs to read all of the posts that were shared, as well as for liking, commenting, and sharing.

Your favorite post from last week:

Everyone loved Homeschooling Big Kids from Mary at Homegrown Learners. It is a round up of her four most popular posts focusing on teaching your middle grades student.

Our favorites from last week:

Weren’t last week’s posts great? Make sure you take the time to read them.

Eva from Eva Varga liked Coaching Writing with a Writers Workshop by fellow co-host Heather at Blog She Wrote.

She said, “Heather’s post really resonated with me because as a science teacher, I struggle with teaching writing. I have been looking for something fun and creative to put a spark into our writing curriculum and I know this is it!”

Blog, She Wrote: Coaching Writing with a Writer's Workshop

Another favorite of Eva’s was Biology Comedy Hour by Susan at Susan’s Homeschooling Blog.

Susan’s comedy hour was a very creative way to culminate a project. Eva said, “I love the homemade green screen and have added this to my ‘honey-do’ list. I can see so many applications of this in all subject areas.”


Megan from Education Possible was immediately drawn to Cherry Blossoms in Porcelain Vase Art Project by Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations.

Megan loved how Jolanthe found inspiration on Pinterest, but took it a step further by taking parts of multiple pins to create her own Asian-themed watercolor project. “I can’t wait to use this project to teach my girls some water color techniques,” Megan said.

Cherry Blossom in Porcelain Vase art project from Homeschool Creations

She also liked Homeschool ‘Mommy Marks’ and Universities by Annie Kate at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

Megan appreciated the advice Annie Kate’s gave to homeschooling families looking to have their “mommy marks” supported by a college or university. She said, “I’m going to have to keep very good records!”

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Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

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