Finishing Strong #6 - 9 April 2014 - Eva Varga

April 9, 2014

It is the time of year for many families to begin planning for the next school year!

Each week we look forward to sharing new posts filled with ideas and encouragement for homeschooling middle and high school.

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Our favorite posts from last week:

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Eva from Eva Varga enjoyed:

Homeschooling High School is Not As Hard As You Think Though my kids are not yet in high school, I really appreciated this post. It gave me a lot of things to think about and helped put me at ease when planning and preparing for the high school years.

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The Salamander Room: Amphibians and Reptiles As a science specialist, this one really charmed me. My kids have a newly rediscovered love for herps and though we read (and enjoyed) this delightful story when they were younger, it is time we revisit it. I strongly believe that children’s books are a wonderful teaching tool for all ages and this book proves it. There are so many ways to integrate this book into the curriculum and Heather shares many. 🙂


Susan from Education Possible liked:

Writing Co-op for High School Students This post really touched me because my son also struggles with writing. We’ve decided to spend the next several months focusing on building his writing skills and confidence so the timing of this inspiring post was perfect!


High School Electives What a great reminder that high school is about so much more than just academics! Extracurricular activities and volunteer opportunities will not only give student a chance to explore their interests, they can also significantly help with the college application process.


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Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years

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