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September 2, 2015

We’re off to an exciting new school year! Hard to believe my kids are now in 6th and 8th grades. If I had not blogged about all our adventures, I’d wonder where the time went. ?

As noted last week, Finishing Strong is back and we are excited to make it better than ever. Each week, one post will be selected as our “Featured Post”. In addition, each of the co-hosts (myself, Heather at Blog She Wrote, Heidi at Starts at Eight, and Megan & Susan at Education Possible) will be selecting four of our personal favorites. We encourage you to visit each of our blogs to see if the post you shared with us has been selected.

finishingstrong#57 @EvaVarga.netOur Featured Post

Each week our featured post will selected based upon the post in the link-up that received the most click. This week, the featured post was:

finishingstrong#57 @EvaVarga.netClassically Homeschooling’s 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices by Classically Homeschooling

My Four Favorites

After our long hiatus over the summer, I was delighted with the entries that were submitted this past week. I enjoyed catching up with everyone’s summer activities and gleaning wisdom from the seasoned homeschoolers as they plan and prepare for the high school years. Here are my four favorites this week. Did I choose one of your favorites?

finishingstrong#57 @EvaVarga.net3 Ways Tweens Can Earn Money by Tara at This Sweet Life

Tara’s family follows a system very similar to our own and as she states, “Our rule is that no “chores for pay” can be done until the regular chores – make bed, feed pets, do dishes – are done.” I love the ideas Tara shares for ways tweens can earn money. Starting a small business a perfect learning experience – my son has used his experience helping his dad wash the family car to begin his own car detailing business.

finishingstrong#57 @EvaVarga.netTeaching & Mentoring High School Math by Heather at Blog She Wrote

Though I am comfortable with math, it has never been my strong suit. Like Heather’s family, we also use Life of Fred for it introduces concepts regularly and is designed for students to read on their own. My daughter has worked through them relatively independently until recently when she began Advanced Algebra. It has become more difficult for her so we’re working through each chapter together. The advice Heather shares for when the kids get stuck is perfect.

finishingstrong#57 @EvaVarga.netHow to Find Activities for Homeschooled Teens When There Isn’t a Local Homeschool Group by Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

In the past two communities in which we have lived, there has been a very large contingent of homeschool families. Each connected with another via active Facebook or Yahoo groups. We have now moved to a smaller community and it has been harder to connect with others. Kris’ posts helps remind me that there are options! A little creative sleuthing can uncover hidden gems in your community. We’ve already contacted the local art museum for teen volunteer opportunities. My next task is Toastmasters!  Thanks, Kris!

Guide to Foreign Language for High School Homeschool by Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage

Foreign Languages have always been a major component of our homeschool. As my daughter is entering high school next year, we are considering additional languages. Jimmie’s post provides strategies for students with low interest as well as students like my daughter with high interest in language learning.

What are you going to share with us this week?


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