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May 21, 2014


We’re glad you have joined us this week at Finishing Strong – the link-up that focuses on middle & high school students.

Finishing Strong ~ Homeschooling the Middle & High School Years Education Possible

Our favorite posts from last week:

Heidi from Starts at Eight enjoyed reading 5 Tips for Using Eight Grade as a High School Prep Year from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

The following quote really struck a chord with Heidi: “I really wish that I had tailored Brianna’s high school classes more to her interests instead of getting so boxed in with what would be expected from a traditional school setting. I lost sight of not following a broken model, which caused more frustration than there had to be for her high school years.”

As we are struggling through the end of our first child’s freshman year, I have to wonder if I am gong about it, or at least some of it wrong.

Besides this, Kris brings up some great points about things you can consider and be sure to have in order during your child’s 8th grade year.

Her other favorite post was How to Get Your Kids to Hate History from fellow co-host Education Possible.

Heidi shares, “I have loved so many in this series of posts that iHN members did. To take the angle of how to get your kids to hate something is both funny at times and eye opening as well.”

Megan reminds us all to step outside the textbook, step beyond all books as well and include hands on activites and related field trips, even watch a time period movie. These and many more great tips for teaching/learning/loving history are included in this post.

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As Susan from Education Possible helps her son prepare for his first year of homeschool high school, she really enjoys reading all of the helpful posts in the Finishing Strong link-up.

Last week she loved the Measuring the Speed of Light with Chocolate from Tea Time with Annie Kate.

She said, “With fun and informative projects like this we look forward to continuing our “hands-on” approach as we begin homeschooling high school!”

She also enjoyed Teaching High School Subjects – You Have Options! from Sweetness and Light.

Susan shared that her son wants to include a variety of learning options for his first year of high school, including online, in-person, co-op and courses taught at home. She appreciated seeing that this is a plan that has worked well for other families too.

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