Finishing Strong #114 - Standardized Testing & More

February 15, 2017

Welcome to Finishing Strong ~ a weekly link-up dedicated to families homeschooling middle & high school kids. Each Wednesday, moms just like you share their best tips, encouragement, advice, and more for teaching older kids at home.

Finishing Strong is hosted by me here at EvaVarga along with my friends – Heather from Blog She Wrote, Megan and Susan from Education Possible, and Heidi from Starts at Eight.

There were many great posts shared this week and I delight in highlighting a few that appealed to me. What were your favorites?

Science Milestones: Alexander Graham Bell @EvaVarga.netFeatured This Week

Our annual living history presentations are next week and the kids are getting a little nervous. I’ve always allowed them to choose whomever is of interest to them and it always fascinates me how one rabbit trail leads them to others.

Through his interest in flight, my son discovered that the Wright brothers were not sole entrepreneurs in the field of aviation at the turn of the 20th century. In fact, Alexander Graham Bell was amongst the leading innovators and had partnered with a small group of men to form the Aerial Experiment Association. This talented group included a man named Glenn Curtiss as well as army Lt. Thomas Selfridge.

I look forward to sharing more about Glenn Curtiss and Faye Schulman, the Jewish partisan photographer my daughter selected very soon. If you are interested in learning how to bring history to life, I encourage you to check out my earlier post, Jumping into National History Day.

Finishing Strong #114 - Standardized Testing & More

Finishing Strong Favorites

► Opportunities My Teens are Missing Because We Homeschool High School from Ann at Annie & Everything was the most visited post shared last week. While opportunities vary by state, it is important to remember that your education is strictly dependent upon what you make of it. Homeschoolers often seek out alternatives to sports, orchestra, and honors classes, and thereby become masters at independent learning.

► Jimmie’s post, Dear Younger Me: About All Those Things You Fear, posted at Hip Homeschool Moms, is a fabulous validation in trust in yourself. “I’m saying that you are doing things right and that you are wasting energy on worrying.”

 Homeschool Standardized Testing: Testing Tips & A Review by Heidi and Starts at Eight covers the many frequently asked questions pertaining to homeschool standardized testing. While requirements may vary in your state (she hails from New York), she outlines the nuts and bolts of testing services.

► Relatedly, if your teen is interested in attending university, ACT Prep for the Homeschooling High Schooler from Jimmie’s Collage is an excellent overview of the testing process and how your student can improve her score with practice.

As always, thank you for helping us to make Finishing Strong a key resource for families who are homeschooling through the middle & high school years.

What are you going to share with us this week?


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