So Many Festivals in One Day!

Every nineteen years, we can celebrate three events on February 14th – Valentine’s Day, Lantern Festival (the last day of Chinese New Year), and Oregon’s birthday.

valentines day and lantern festival

Valentines Day

We gathered with a group of homeschooling families to celebrate Valentines Day .. more than 50 homeschooled children exchanged Valentines Day cards!  What a treat!

Lantern Festival

On this day, the celebration food is glutinous rice sweet dumpling, also known as yuán xiāo [元宵]. We were delighted to enjoy this traditional treat this week with our Mandarin teacher – accompanied by a warm glass of milk tea prior to our lesson.

Oregon’s Birthday

Privately, we honored our beloved home state with a little poetry … Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859.

Rockaway Oregon

by  Leanne Grabel

Seaguls gather like an audience.

They’ve seen the show a thousand times

and they show it.

Meek mountains lumber

in the background

hoping for a moment

to hide behind a mist

and sleep.

Seaweed teases a billion fleas.

Submitted to the All About Love Collage Friday edition at Homegrown Learners.

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